Hand on Heart


Easy, healthy, delicious recipes from a doctor and chef.


Love Dr. Gourmet’s recipes?

Get your friends or family involved in eating healthier with a gift of Hand on Heart. Order yours now!

Hand on Heart is a selection of Dr. Harlan’s most beloved recipes, in a beautiful, full-color coffee-table book. Makes a great gift!

What’s Inside:

Each recipe includes nutrition information, plus “Dr. Tim Says” and “Chef Tim Says” commentary on the cooking and the health points of the recipe. An Equipment Starter Kit page details the kitchen utensils that’ll make your healthy cooking easier, and The Healthy Pantry section lists ingredients that you’ll want to have on hand all the time for quick and easy meals.

In addition to the more usual categories of “Soups”, “Salads”, etc., recipes are labelled with the following:

Q: Quick and Easy are recipes that will take about a half an hour or slightly more.

V: Vegetarian recipes do not contain meat or gelatine.

V+: Vegan Recipes are vegetarian and additionally do not contain honey, yeast, eggs or dairy products.

G: Gluten-free meals are free of gluten and indicate where to check for ingredients in proprietary brands.

S: Special Occasion Meals are those that might take a little longer but are worth the effort. Often there will be leftovers.

H: Healthy Pantry recipes are those that use some of the ingredients from the Healthy Pantry and Starter Kit sections.

N: Low or no sugar meals are those that are lower in concentrated sugars. This doesn’t mean that as a diabetic you have to stay away from the others – just be aware of the added sugar.

Coumadin (warfarin) users, please note: not all recipes in this book are suitable for those taking Coumadin.

Note: We are unable to ship printed books outside the United States. Please choose your purchase carefully; all sales are final.


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